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West Texas Justice

West Texas Justice LTC Class November 2nd, 2019 $90.00--($10 Deposit Required)

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"Please read these instructions carefully"

There are two independent steps that must be completed to obtain a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC). One step is going online to apply with the Department of Public Safety. The other step is taking an LTC class. These steps are independent of each other, so it does not matter which is done first.  I cover how to apply with the DPS portion in class for your convenience.

 TRAINING LOCATIONS: Classroom: Yellowhouse Masonic Lodge, 5015 Gary Ave., Lubbock, TX. Shooting qualification will be conducted at a Private Outdoor Range.


FEES: LTC Class Fee, is paid to the instructor as follows (cash, check or credit/debit cards):

 Class Fee: $90.00.  A $10.00 Deposit Is Required to Reserve a spot in the class.

This fee includes all required academic training, and range qualification.

State License Fee is now $40.00 unless you qualify for a discount for age, veteran status and other conditions. SEE A COMPLETE STATE LICENSE FEE LIST AT:

Donuts and Coffee will be available in the morning and we will have a 30 minute lunch break (you can bring something for lunch or Rosa's Resturante is next door).

We will be on the range around 2:00 to 3:00 PM for the shooting qualification.

Students need to bring eye and ear protection. I have extra if you need some.

There is no minimum caliber with which to qualify. I have some.22 Cal. and 9mm handguns to use if you do not have one. Rental fee is $20.00 and includes the ammo.

If you have your own handgun, you need to bring 50 rounds of FULL METAL JACKET (FMJ) factory ammunition - no reloaded ammunition or Hollow Points (extra rounds recommended). IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE MAGAZINE FOR YOUR HANDGUN, BRING IT WITH YOU.

Determined at checkout.